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About Me
My name is Marissa also known as Willow and I am from Oklahoma where I live with my dog and two cats. Graphics making is what I do to relax; to ease my mind after a long day of work, which some may find odd but it truly does calm me. Most of my graphics have been made for use on Livejournal or Insanejournal, either in the form of icons or layouts, however I have been known to help with web design and basic photography.

Though I have had some education and training in photography and graphics, most of what I do has been learned simply by trying. If you want something all you have to do is ask and I will at least try it, and if I can’t do it I will find someone that can.

While it is a dream of mine to photograph the Pride of Oklahoma from the sideline of a University of Oklahoma game during halftime, the reality is that I work as a customer service agent and work to find time to shoot pictures and make icons or headers as well as roleplay in my many Insanejournal games. My personal Insanejournal is Surrendermyself, and my Roleplay CDJ is Paperclipmuses. All requests should be sent to my Willowsgraphics email and I will get back to you if there is any cost for the work to be done.

Disclaimer - This is a place for all of my work, both photographic and graphic. I have found most of my images through Google searches, and claim no rights to them, though some images are of my own making. I will only claim rights to work in which I have put time and effort into. If you have any questions or concerns about any of the art on this site please contact me at Willowsgraphics